yield-till® Row Units

One Size Does Not Fit All

Having spent several years in research and development with field trials, the family of convertible yield-till® Row Units represents the analysis of different combinations of ground-engaging tools that provide the best possible soil conditions for seed establishment, root growth and plant support.

Coulter: provides full flow at high speeds, mixes fertilizer to depth and width of coulters

Knife / Shank: places fertilizer in a band from tillage depth up to 3” above


Coulter or knife

10-25 HP per row

0-3.5″ coulter depth

5-6″ knife depth


Coulter or shank

15-35 HP per row

1-5″ coulter depth

6-9″ shank depth


Coulter / shank

Coulters can run with shank

15-45 HP per row

1-6″ coulter depth

7-10″ shank depth

Row Cleaner & Main Coulter

Integrated clean-cut® row cleaner/coulter system

Row Cleaner mounted close to and in front of Main Coulter

Hybrid, proprietary spike-saw tooth design pulls and cuts residue apart, creates clean strip without hairpinning

Depth gauging of the Row Cleaner, better cleaning, less gouging

17-inch diameter Row Cleaner blade

24-inch diameter Main Coulter

Side Tillage Coulters

Tills the soil and loosens it before the shank or knife

Pre-breaking the soil reduces the horsepower required to pull the shank or knife in the soil

15-inch or 18-inch diameter Side Tillage Coulter

Berm Builder

Retains soil in strip, shapes berm

Depth gauged for consistent flow without grooves

15-inch or 18-inch diameter Berm Builder

Strip Conditioner

Removes air, sizes clods, lofts remaining residue to surface

Depth gauged for uniformity across soils and conditions

Different isn’t always better. Better is always different and requires a new way of doing things. We can help you learn a new way of doing Strip Till.