Heavy Duty Convertible
Row Unit

3 Configurations
All Interchangeable
On the Same Row Unit

Row Unit-Shank and Concave 4.png


For fall Strip-till
across various soil types
in dry to moderate moisture conditions

- Eliminates compaction layer at identified depth.

- Provides maximum soil tilth and berm height.

- Root zone banding, precision nutrient placement.

Row Unit - Rotary Tine 4.png


Fall or Spring Strip-till,
especially in heavier soils
in moderate to wet conditions

- Loosens soil and builds strips in wetter conditions, without causing sidewall smearing.
- Provides moderate soil tilth and berm height.
- Root zone mixed nutrient placement.

Row Unit - Coulter 1.png


Fall or Spring Strip-till,
in all soils
and moisture conditions

- Utilize as a new strip, and/or strip freshener.
- Seed bed depth soil tilth and berm height.
- Seed bed depth mixed nutrient placement.

Standard Features:

strip-till specific™ row cleaner

Industry exclusive row cleaner, designed in partnership with Martin-till® Industries. Unique finger design removes debris from strip area providing a clean strip to plant into.

tru-trax™ parallel link design

Super strong parallel linkage maintains a consistent operating depth across the toolbar and the field. Extended range of motion increases consistency of operating depth and berm consistency. An integrated air suspension gives operator control over down pressure settings, matching the row unit down force to changing field conditions.

25" residue coulter

Lead coulter cuts through heavy crop root balls.  Provides relief ahead of tillage shank to improve soil flow.  Integrated depth band provides consistent depth control.

berm builder

coulters or disks are properly positioned to retain all fractured soil in the berm.  Down pressure is air controlled to reduce bounce, and also not cut a groove.

strip conditioner

The ability to provide a uniform and consistent seed bed can increase harvestable ears.  Spider wheel berm conditioners properly size soil particles and help remove air pockets that hinder seedling development, creating a planter ready seed bed.  Due to their radial, not cross row, design, they are also greatly reduce plugging in muddy conditions.

on-the-go™ control system

Provides operator in cab adjustability to multiple components on the row unit, enabling optimal operation in changing field conditions.