Who We Are

A new machinery company with a commonsense approach: You don’t get better doing the same old thing.

Our role is to learn continuously the limitations farmers have been forced to accept in their Strip Till practices and equipment, and improve them.

We are a group of soil, seed and equipment professionals who have come together to do Strip Till. Better.

What We Do

Strip-till is our passion. We listen, we learn, and we serve:

  • the soil
  • the seed
  • the plant
  • the crop
  • the farmer

We eliminate compromise with design and manufacturing ingenuity to make strip till machines that are more Dependable, Productive, and Agronomic.

Dependable = Strength. Quality. Life.™

Dependable is a combination of strength, quality and life. Strength is designed from the start and ensures the product works when you need it. Quality is built in and built strong for the rugged environment of the farm. Life is the expectation of Strength and Quality.

Productive = Make More Time.™

Productive is making more with the time you have. That means getting into the field earlier and getting your crop out faster.

Agronomic = Helping Plants Thrive.®

Agronomic is creating the best possible soil conditions for seed establishment, root growth and plant support.

Different isn’t always better. Better is always different and requires a new way of doing things. We can help you learn a new way of doing Strip Till.